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Gina Giordan

Thursday, 1/28/16     

At approximately 2:15 p.m. today, an unknown pop band's black luxury tour bus was recklessly barreling down Kent Avenue in Williamsburg, Brooklyn off of N. 6th street, just after clipping a baby carriage holding a one year old baby boy inside.  

The baby and mother were traveling east on foot, crossing N. 6th street when the tour bus with Tennessee plates started turning into the carriage and never stopped.  The tour bus driver was traveling west on N. 6th street and proceeded to make a right turn onto Kent Avenue heading North.  The tour bus driver never yielded to the baby and "kept turning towards the carriage."  Horrified bystanders said the mother screamed at the bus, "Stop!  Stop!"  But, the driver "never stopped and just kept going."

The bus reportedly hit the carriage just before the mother ripped the stroller from the bus and dragged the carriage out of the intersection.  After pushing the baby to safety, the mother ran alongside the bus screaming, "Stop!"  The bus finally stopped on the next corner.  The mother informed the driver the bus clipped the carriage and almost killed her and her son.  The driver denied hitting the carriage and said, "you are in my way!" then slammed the bus door shut and sped off down Kent Avenue.  Eventually cops tracked down the Canadian driver and the tour bus which was parked along Meeker street and Richardson.  The pop band who hailed from the UK was scheduled to perform at the Williamsburg Music Hall.  The UK band base player was also on board during the accident and was only briefly detained and questioned by officers .   The driver was issued a warning for reckless endangerment and an accident report was created. Mom who acted fast, appeared understandably shaken up by the near death incident and was just thankful her son was not seriously hurt.  She attributed the fast save to her UPPABaby stroller, "This carriage helped save his life."

Tour Bus Driver

Tour Bus Driver On Kent