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Fans Take to Twitter and Facebook to Support Amy Schumer’s Recent Controversial Pose in the 2016 Pirelli Calendar.


Fans Take to Twitter and Facebook to Support Amy Schumer’s Recent Controversial Pose in the 2016 Pirelli Calendar.


Annie Leibovitz

Annie Leibovitz

The Italian tire brand Pirelli puts together a calendar each year widely known for featuring photographs of beautiful women in provocative poses.  Ever since 1964 the Pirelli Calendar –“The Cal”–  has been known to “celebrate the female form and contemporary ideals of beauty,” as explained on the Pirelli website.  

The Cal was made popular as it featured the faces and exposed bodies of supermodels.

Recent editions have featured beauties such as Naomi Campbell, Kate Moss and Gigi Hadid. Fast forward to 2016, a controversial and almost completely nude photo of comedian, Amy Schumer has gone viral as it was featured in The Cal.  Along with Schumer, successful women such as; peace activist Yoko Ono, tennis champion Serena Williams and Singer-Songwriter Patti Smith were featured in the latest issue - most of them fully clothed.  

Schumer’s demanding personality and recent popularity are tactically used by Pirelli to gain recognition of the calendar’s new issue and promote the other respectable women in the calendar.  The idea of women being raw and unapologetic is an idea promoted by Schumer in her acts.  By choosing Schumer to pose for “The Cal,” Pirelli showcases its new approach towards women’s beauty standards.

Fans posted on social media sites Twitter and Facebook to give this new calendar makeover a thumbs up.    

Autumn F. W. posted, “beautiful at every size! #iamenough”

Ingrid P. wrote, “I love this acceptance is what we all need"

The majority of Schumer fans are supporting her calendar spread while some Pirelli fans express disappointment.

Moli commented on an article on “The Cal” said, “This is a huge step backwards. I agree we should praise successful women, but Pirelli calendar is about Physical Beauty.  Come on, folks, most of these calendars will end up in the round file. Get real.”

Highlighting talents such as Schumer over traditional calendar models such as Kate Moss will hopefully encourage more “realistic” beauty standards in Hollywood and the media going forward.