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Caroline Slusarczyk

Victor Hugo/Getty Images

Victor Hugo/Getty Images

Oscar winner, LEONARDO DICAPRIO Executive Produced a Movie You Wanna Watch, "BEFORE THE FLOOD” which is a necessary look at how climate change affects the environment and what society can do to prevent its demise.  The compelling documentary was directed by actor, FISHER STEVENS and stars Oscar winner DiCaprio, who let’s be honest, could convince most fans to eat crickets if he said that would help save the world.

THE WANNA host, Gina Glickman Giordan, had a first look at “Before the Flood” and recently sat down with Fisher for an exclusive interview at Guild Hall on Main Street in East Hampton during the 2016 annual Hamptons International Film Festival.  It was three years ago when DiCaprio picked up the phone to ask Fisher if he would direct the film.  Fisher revealed, "It's been a long journey.  We went everywhere from Greenland, to the Arctic, to India, to China, to Sumatra, to Palau.  We went all around the world, figuring out- and then we interviewed, I mean there were a lot of people we interviewed that didn’t even make the film, that you didn’t even see, that are amazing people."   Fisher made a point to share that the only thing more important then getting the film made was the timing of the premiere which was crucial, "There's a presidential election coming up and it was important to Leo and I that we get this out before the election, because if somebody’s elected President, or certain people are elected in the Senate or certain people are elected into Congress that want to crush a lot of the work that President Obama is doing right now on trying to curb carbon emissions then, we’re all in deep trouble.  Not just in India and China, but all around."   

Stevens revealed the details of why he agreed to take on the film, “When Leonardo asked me to make this film with him, I said, okay let’s go, we gotta keep it going, because it’s happening.  And we’re at this time in history of mankind, where we have to really start to change the way we get our power and live our lives.”  Stevens admitted, he wasn’t always friends with DiCaprio and describes how their movie making partnership was born, “We weren’t that close to be honest.  We knew each other for years but not that well.  We kind of bonded on a diving trip.  We went to the Galapagos Islands together and went diving.  I was filming Sylvia Earl, the marine biologist.  He was on the trip.  I didn’t know at that point his knowledge of environmental issues.  He knows more about species then most people.  He could tell you about a tiger or lion, things that you have no idea.  But also species that have been extinct.”  Stevens joked DiCaprio is so well educated on the topic and “can go on and on” that there was one scene Fisher says he was forced to cut Leonardo down for time, “Yeah, we trimmed that scene.”    

National Geographic

National Geographic

There are several memorable movie moments in “Before the Flood” including when they went behind the scenes while Leonardo was filming his Oscar winning performance in “The Revenant.”  Fisher explains why going behind the scenes on “The Revenant,” was bittersweet and said, “It was sad but it was great for our film.  Yet, it was sad for the world that life is imitating art.  They had the warmest March in the history of that area in Canada.  All their snow melted.  So they had to go somewhere else to finish the film.” 

In “Before the Flood,” DiCaprio sits down one on one to interview the Pope.  Stevens said working with the Vatican threw the crew a few surprises along the way, “Well, there’s a little secret there.  I was there, but I wasn’t allowed to film.  They took my camera.  We knew that.  So, the Pope has his own people- he had his own people to film that scene."  When you watch the film, you may notice how DiCaprio, greets Pope Francis and sounds a tad nervous.  That may be because twelve hours before DiCaprio was scheduled to interview the Pope  Fisher said that's when his team revealed another surprise, "You’ve gotta greet him in Italian" described Fisher. "But, we were there and that was pretty magical.”  In the film, DiCaprio recounts his memorable meeting with Pope Francis, “Being able to spend time and sit with the pope was a pretty profound experience.”  He goes on to reiterate what the pope said, “he feels we need to all keep speaking out” about climate change “as loud as we can.”  It's obvious by the final cut of the film that Stevens and DiCaprio also had a magical rapport working together.  DiCaprio was hands on through out the process of creating the film and brought "tons" of ideas to the post process, Fisher explained, "I mean in the editing room too he had a great idea.  The Pope scene, we moved it to the end, that was his idea.  Which was a great idea.  We were partners making the film."

Fisher admitted one of his biggest concerns about the upcoming election is electing a leader who agrees our environment is at great risk and mankind can help make a change.  You remember Trumps "locker room" behind the scenes banter with former, “Access Hollywood” host, Billy Bush?  Well, Fisher told us his reaction to Trumps remarks and said, "It didn’t surprise me.  I had problems with Donald Trump before he was even running for President.  As a New Yorker, because I lived in New York most of my life and to see his name and what he’s doing to these ugly buildings and you know his crass Trump everywhere.  It bugged me just like that.  I’ve never been a fan of Trump!”  Stevens and DiCaprio are both hoping "Before the Flood,” will convince Trump and the rest of the world, to change their beliefs on climate change!

In addition to watching the film and learning why it’s crucial to pass a carbon tax to help curb carbon emissions, Fisher says anyone can help do their part to make a change and help save the environment and said, “We can eat less meat, elect different leaders and we can start powering our world differently.”

“Before the Flood” is a Movie You Wanna Watch and premieres on The National Geographic Channel, October 30th, 9/8c. 

If you miss the Sunday premiere, watch the film online until November 6th on video on demand (through MVPD set-top boxes), MVPD sites and apps, Nat Geo TV apps, iTunes, Hulu, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Sony PlayStation, GooglePlay and more.

WATCH THE WANNA'S entire EXCLUSIVE coverage of BEFORE THE FLOOD and sit down interview with Fisher Stevens HERE.

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