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Gina Giordan

Although the US is acting like the presidential election is next week (and will continue to do so for the next year), there are other important countries that are currently going more immediate elections.  Namely, Canada is about to make a decision to end conservative Stephen Harper’s role as Prime Minister.  The implications of Harper staying or not in office, which include everything from Canada’s amazing healthcare system to Syrian refugees, caught the attention of John Oliver, who managed to lambast Harper as only he can do. With cold hard facts, and a steady dose of self-deprecation.

However, to prove he really wanted Canada’s attention in his campaign to end Stephen Harper’s reign, Oliver rallied the “most Canadian” forces he could imagine: a beaver playing “Sweet Caroline” a moose getting a colonoscopy, and ITM’s and MYWW’s friend: MIKE MYERS!

Yes, Mr. Canada himself appeared on John Oliver’s “Last Week Tonight” dressed as a mounty and driving a snow plow to urge Canadians to vote against Harper’s reelection.  Myers recently appeared in an episode of “Movies You Wanna Watch” celebrating the film “Being Canadian,”  where comedy writer Rob Cohen goes on a cross-Canada trip and interviews Canadian celebrities to discover what it really means to be Canadian.

You can catch our interview with Mike Myers and exclusive coverage “Being Canadian” right here!

You can watch John Oliver’s coverage of the Canadian election here!