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Gift-giving during the holiday season can be overwhelming...making a list and checking it twice.  Gasp!  Suddenly, you realize there is one very important gift you forgot to purchase?  Yes, you forgot about the one loyal, loving four - legged friend who trusts you to do the right thing.  It's all good!  Fido won't hold it against you since you're only human.  It happens and it's understandable with all the hustle and bustle you may have forget to buy a holiday gift for your precious pooch! No worries!  THE WANNA has curated a list of unique gifts for your furry BFF this holiday season. Best part?  You can order online and have them delivered straight to your front door!  Ruff life!  

Happy Shopping! 

Bone training board

This board serves as an educational and fun brainteaser for your dog.

Price: $10

Where to buy: TJ Maxx


"Share water, not slobber” with this detachable water bottle made for both humans & dogs.

Price: $14.99

Where to buy:

Toppl Treat Toy

Keep your hungry pup challenged with this treat trap game.

Price: $19.95

Where to buy: West Paw Design

Holiday Dog Toy - Bouncy Ball

A fun assortment of holiday-themed bouncy balls your dog is sure to enjoy.

Price: $13.99

Where to buy: AKC Shop

Ugly Christmas Sweaters

The perfect solution if you want to match with your BFF for the ugly sweater holiday party.

Price: $14.99 - $25

Where to buy: Amazon

Tagg GPS Pet Tracker

Get this stylish Dog GPS accessory to keep an eye on your rambunctious pet.

Price: $82.99

Where to buy: Amazon



iFetch Ball Thrower

If you aren’t feeling up to a game of fetch with your canine pal, this ball launcher does the job for you.

Price: $115

Where to buy: Go iFetch

ThunderShirt Classic Dog Anxiety Jacket

Have a nervous doggy?  The ThunderShirt jacket hugs your dog in times of anxiety or fear.

Price: $31.26

Where to buy: Amazon

Doggie Doo – The Famous Dog Poop Game

Did your kids finally ask the dreaded question of getting a puppy?  Test their dog-caring responsibility levels with the Doggie Doo board game:

Price: $25.99 

Where to buy: Amazon

Goliath Games/

Goliath Games/

Pet Peek Window

Help your curious canine see what’s happening outside of the front yard with this bubble window.

Price: $119.99

Where to buy: Amazon


Separation anxiety on both sides?  Get PetChatz installed to talk to your pup long distance.

Price: $379.99

Where to buy: PetChatz



Dog Umbrella

Protect your dog on rainy walks!

Price: $29.99

Where to buy: Sale Breaker


Ya Know You Wanna!