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Caroline Slusarczyk

Glamour Magazine

Glamour Magazine

Actress, comedian and SNL star, Cecily Strong isn’t afraid to admit that despite the fact that her last name is Strong, she’s a serious cryer.  No joke.  Strong can cry on cue!  In an exclusive interview with Strong, she revealed to THE WANNA how she is able to just cry on command and told us, "I'm just an emotional person, I feel too much!"  Ironically, being overly emotional is actually working for Strong's acting career.  The rising star has been in several hit films including:  The Meddler, The Boss and Ghostbusters.  Plus, Strong is back for another season of SNL, tomorrow!  The entire former cast of  NBC's hit show, Saturday Night Live is back from a well deserved summer hiatus.  The Fall season premieres tomorrow night, October 1st @ 11:30 pm on NBC.
WATCH THE WANNA'S exclusive interview with Hollywood's next leading lady, Cecily Strong HERE!

"Ya know you Wanna!"  

Ya Know You Wanna!