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Caroline Slusarczyk

In a city where the kind and caring gestures of people let alone the NYPD are rarely captured on camera, one New Yorker stumbled upon a touching scene in the New York City subway and shared the moment on Facebook.  On Friday, Joshua Lagan told the touching story of two police officers doing a good Christmas deed for a homeless man.  Lagan was waiting for his train at Grand Central station when he noticed a commotion.  Two police officers ran over to a homeless man when he started rummaging through the trashcan.  One of the officers took the homeless man (and Lagan) by surprise when he asked, “What are you collecting cans for?”  The homeless man took a moment to respond, “Socks.  I want socks.”  What happened next will bring a tear to your eye!

Lagan wrote, “Without hesitation, the Cop put his arm on his shoulder and smiling said ‘I’ll buy you socks. It’s Christmas soon right? I’ll buy you socks for Christmas. Merry Christmas’ he said smiling broadly. ‘Let’s go to the store.’ The homeless man was so shocked he just kept stammering, ‘are you serious?’ ‘Are you serious?’”

Lagan snapped a photo of the exchange:

Joshua Lagan/Facebook

Joshua Lagan/Facebook

Lagan continued, “I don’t share this to make a statement about homeless people, or cops, or politics. I share this because of love. I saw someone treat someone with love today, and it reminded me of the love that we need to show for us to overcome all of the hate we're seeing in the news these days.  It was a small gesture, but I saw a man regardless of color or uniform show compassion for another person. How often do we miss opportunities to do that?”

You can read Lagan’s whole moving story here.

There is nothing like a selfless act of kindness to inspire others and get you in the holiday spirit!  Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference.

This season in addition to the red wine and fruitcake how about donating on behalf of a loved one, to these charities that provide SOCKS for the homeless?

The Joy of Sox

The Joy of Sox Facebook Page

Bridging the Gap NY

Comfort Socks for the Homeless


Ya Know You Wanna!