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Caroline Slusarczyk

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

Kevin Winter/Getty Images

On Sunday, the 59th annual Grammy Awards ceremony aired live on CBS from the Staples Center in Los Angeles.  Beyonce, Adele, and Bruno Mars all performed live.  The evening had several live mishaps including Adele who had a meltdown center stage and pleaded with the audience to let her start over during her tribute performance to the late great George Michael.  Yet, the real train wreck of the night was the collaboration between Metallica and Lady Gaga.  Metallica’s performance was eagerly awaited by fans after the band announced their appearance back in January, saying they had “something very unique and special planned.”

Gaga and Metallica performed Moth Into Flame together, but lead singer James Hetfield’s microphone did not work initially.  Hetfield could be seen mouthing the lyrics, but the audience could not hear his voice.  The audio mishap led Lady Gaga to share her mic with Hetfield, and the two worked hard to make-up for the mishap.  By the song’s second verse, Hetfield’s mic was back in working condition.

Afterwards, Hetfield appeared visibly upset by the audio mess-up and threw his guitar off the stage, where someone on the side managed to catch it.  Twitter user Troy Hughes caught the moment on camera:

Actress and LGBTQ activist, Laverne Cox added to the mayhem when she initially introduced the highly anticipated rock performance and just threw it to Lady Gaga leaving out any mention of Metallica on stage.  Earlier today, Cox tweeted an apology:

Fans were outraged with how Metallica’s Grammys performance played out.  Many took to Twitter to express their disdain at the technical issue and show their support of Metallica.  Fans anticipated how someone would be “getting fired,” and others insisted the Grammys should “get it together.”  THE WANNA has gathered the most entertaining reaction tweets below!


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