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Caroline Slusarczyk

Photo By The Wanna     Sweet Cyanide @ Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2015

Photo By The Wanna

Sweet Cyanide @ Sturgis Buffalo Chip 2015

With a new album hot off the press and some branded merch in tow, NYC indie rock band, SWEET CYANIDE is packing up to head across country and rock out at the 35th annual Buffalo Chip Music Festival with Buckcherry & Pop Evil. 

It's an annual tradition for Sal and the boys who have made the trip every summer since 2009.  Lead singer and guitarist, Sal Scoca said, "There is nothing like performing live at the Chip.  Most amazing crowd of people and we all have something in common, we still love rock music!"

Scoca told us there is one part of the trip the band isn't looking forward to, "Traveling across country every summer is always an exciting challenge!  With no fail, whether we fly or take a bus from New York to South Dakota, there's always something that comes up," said Sal.  

In 2010, the band made their way out West, performing live, two shows a day for ten days straight.  After their last live performance at the Chip with Def Leppard, they loaded up and headed back east in their RV.  Unfortunately, the band only made it about 200 miles and the RV broke down.  The band and crew were stranded for 3 days with no way to get home.  "It was like that John Candy movie, 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles.'  We had no way to get home.  Our RV was dead."  Eventually, days later, the band was able to hitch rides and fly home safely but Scoca admitted, "No food or bathroom for a few days was harsh."  In 2014, the band thought they learned their lesson and decided to fly across country.  Yet, the day before they were supposed to open at the Chip for Motley Crue and Alice Cooper, their United Airlines flight was delayed and the boys were literally stranded at the Chicago airport overnight.  "We were forced to sleep on the airport floor.  We didn't think we were gonna make it to perform live with Motley.  We actually missed the sound check and literally went from the airport, to the van to the main stage.  That was still a great show."  

This year Sweet Cyanide plans to fly again but, this time Sal says, "We plan to arrive a few days before and travel on Delta.  As long as we land safely, that's key."    

If you can't make it to Sturgis next week to experience Sweet Cyanide live, you can plan a trip to NYC later this year.  "We plan to announce some upcoming performances in NYC and Brooklyn."  

Support INDIE ROCK MUSIC!  Go to iTunes right now and buy Sweet Cyanide's new album, "Songs From The Stardust Road."

Sweet Cyanide's latest music released earlier this month, is a concept album.  Scoca shared, "We hope rock fans will take the time to listen to Stardust Road from start to finish.  It's intended to be a musical experience," says Scoca.  The Wanna's fav tracks on the album include:  "Solitude," "Zero Hour" and "New Illusions."

We wish Sal and the band a safe trip out West and an awesome set of shows this season!  


Ya Know You Wanna!