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Caroline Slusarczyk



Don't ever call Kim Kardashian stupid!  This woman is brilliant.


First, Kim has made the Kardashian name mainstream on a global platform.  Now, the original K Dash is essentially producing her own reality show everywhere she goes with the help of Snapchat.


Just this past weekend, Kim hosted an invite only Revolve event in Water Mill, Hamptons and documented her perspective along the way via Snapchat!  Just in case you don't know, Revolve is an online-only designer boutique beloved by the celebrity jet-set.  Several other famous faces came out to support Revolve, including: Jamie Chung, Iman Chanel and Hailey Baldwin but, Kim was the only Kardashian in the house!



The Forbes magazine cover star, (#42 of 100 highest paid celebrities in the world) probably just helped raise the price of Snapchat stock over the weekend thanks to her series of Hamptons chats!  Kim used the photo/video sharing phone app to show her millions of fans, what it's like to experience the Hamptons, in true Kim K style!  The snaps were all narrated by Kim.  At times, she even talked directly to the camera and made each snap extra personalized for her fans... 


Kim kicked off her Hamptons snaps on a private jet.  The reality queen snapped a quick video in-flight of some last minute make up touches, just before the jet landed out east.  As Kim and friends descended upon the Revolve mansion, she snapped footage of the grounds and front entrance.  If Kim couldn't capture the moment, she made sure someone was shooting.  (That must be a fun gig!)  At one point KK posed in front of the giant Revolve signage.  As Kim hosted the event, she took the time to give fans a real behind the scenes view of her experience!  No surprise Ms. Kim had several wardrobe changes and each look came directly from!   


If you missed out on the Revolve party festivities with Kim K, have no fear, The WANNA has the play by play and the entire collection of Snapchat videos from Revolve listed below!


Ya Know You Wanna!