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Pope Francis Visits the US - Celebs React!


Pope Francis Visits the US - Celebs React!

Gina Giordan

Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Photo by Buda Mendes/Getty Images News / Getty Images

Pope Francis officially began his first visit to the United States yesterday when he arrived in Washington DC.  Safe to say, the country is in full-on Pope mania!  President Obama met with the High Pontiff yesterday, and Francis is set to speak to Congress today.

Celebrities also had their own reaction to the Pope’s arrival.  Eva Longoria, of Desperate Housewives fame, was at the White House during Pope Francis’ speech!



Longoria, who is set to star in an upcoming NBC comedy called Telenovela, couldn’t hide her excitement, and celebrated being at the White House with her sister Liza.


Another celebrity who was quick to show his Pope appreciation on Instagram was Batman (or is it Birdman now?) himself, Michael Keaton.  On his post, Keaton supported the Pope’s views on climate change.

And reality show celebrity Omarosa was also on the Instagram scene.

The Pope craze didn’t just affect Catholics.  Kerry Washington, a.k.a Olivia Pope in Scandal, tweeted her support of her somewhat namesake.

And British newscaster Piers Morgan showed his admiration for Francis’ Papal swagger.

Comedians also had their go at the Pope.  Former SNL star and New York local Colin Quinn commented on the timing of the Pope’s visit:

And Jim Gaffigan, who is set to perform in front of the Pope in Philadelphia, had something to say too:

Pope Francis is set to fly into New York on Thursday evening.  He will stay in the city until Saturday stopping to visit Central Park, St. Patrick’s Cathedral and the 9/11 Memorial.  On Saturday he will arrive at Philadelphia where he will stay until Sunday, and return to the Holy See.