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Gina Giordan

Obsessed over SELENA'S super sleek look?
Can't stop staring at KRISTEN'S cut?
How about EMILY'S supple curls?  

Thanks to Warren Tricomi Salon's Senior Stylist, Jasmine you can steal any of these red carpet looks this holiday season! Just follow Jasmine's step by step guide to CELEBRITY HOLIDAY HAIR below! 

Be sure to WATCH THE WANNA "CELEBRITY HOLIDAY TRADITIONS" episode hosted by GINA GLICKMAN GIORDAN, premiering on VVH-TV this Saturday, December 19th at 11:00am & 11:00pm on VVH-TV (Fios Ch. 14 & Cablevision Ch. 78).

Giordan takes viewers on a ride around the BIG APPLE to visit the cities most festive holiday destinations. 

Plus, Giordan goes one on one with several famous faces who reveal their own personal holiday traditions including: Selena Gomez, Jack Black, Kristen Stewart, Helena Bonham Carter, Jared Leto, Naomi Watts, Ashanti, Nick Cannon, Debra Messing, Uma Thurman, Will Chase, Tony Bennett and many more! 

Don’t wanna watch on cable tv?  Then watch THE WANNA "CELEBRITY HOLIDAY TRADITIONS" Episode Streaming LIVE on APPLE TV AT THIS LINK HERE!

Ya know you wanna!

Supple Curls

Who wouldn’t want bouncy and shiny curls for the holidays. These last longer when adding Essence Absolute Oil by Shu Uemura into your volumizing gel or moose. Curating the perfect hair cocktail to keep the ends hydrated and shiny while keeping volume at the roots. Camelia oil known for its fastest absorbency will keep those ends split free and will keep your color looking vibrant just like Emily Ratajkowsk hair. Always use product to shield the shaft of hair prior to using a 1 inch iron to wind casual sections of hair around the barrel away from the face.


Smooth and Sleek

Straight, easy and disciplined is sometimes the best way to manage a super lengthy mane. To attain Selena’s sensual style one must contain the hair with a little love from Kerastase’s must have product called Crème de la Crème - lotion like crème with some heat protection, will keep those ends silky smooth and humidity controlled. Opt to using a little flat iron for that ultimate shine post blow-drying the entire head.


Easy Texture

Effortless and painless is the way I like to describe Kristen Stewart’s hair styles over the many we have seen her in some of our favorite movies. Weather in life or on camera, she puts the ideology of “I woke up like this” theory into real life, which is craved by the millions. The must have product to achieve a casual textured style is a star product called Texture Wave by Shu Uemura. Tussle, ruffle or style on dry hair, this miracle in a bottle is a great finish to a perfect blowout. The best way to set long hair for a few minutes to a half hour is to create a bun on top of your head and secure with a butterfly clip.


Wash and Go

Curly hair has now become manageable with the ultimate holiday luxury of a lightweight gel, which will tame and sculpt your curls to a manageable air died texture. Have you always craved Helena Bonham Carter’s luscious, bouncy texture. Kerastase has revolutionized a product called Curl Fever - brilliant gel to be applied on wet hair. Diffused with a blow-dryer or air-died this product will continue to make you crave more of it the minute it runs out. For curls which are uneven my favorite tool to use is a curling wand to sculpt those curls with a bit more balance to its shape.

Jasmine, Beauty Contributor (@JAS_ANA)