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Caroline Slusarczyk

David Becker/Getty Images

David Becker/Getty Images

While some celebs have chosen to join in on the anti-Trump riots including: Mark Ruffalo, Josh Hutcherson, and Lady Gaga.  Others have chosen to move forward and speak out about certain Liberal issues that are incredibly important to them...

Pop star Katy Perry, an avid Clinton supporter, proved she will continue to be a Democratic voice despite which party is in office in January.  This past Saturday evening, Perry made her fans proud when she publicly posted on Instagram that she made a $10,000 donation to the "pro-choice" and pro sex education organization, Planned Parenthood.

In the Instagram post, Perry expressed her fear of Planned Parenthood being defunded “in the future by the government.”  It's obvious Perry is like millions of other pro-choice advocates who are anticipating President-elect Donald Trump will stay true to his campaign threats to cut government funding for planned parenthood, once he takes office in January, 2017.

We give Perry major props for her pro-choice post which revealed a very personal and positive experience she had with Planned Parenthood as a young girl.  Perry (a preacher's daughter) revealed how growing up, her family was “lower-to-middle class," and they could not afford health insurance.

Thanks to the help and services of Planned Parenthood she was able to receive some necessary sex ed.  Katy said it was her "sheltered upbringing" that left her with no idea of “how things work down there!”  But Planned Parenthood gave her the sex education she needed.  Perry's exact post stated,  “Planned Parenthood educated me on my body and my reproductive health, so that I could focus on my dreams and using my voice until I knew the timing was right for me to make a plan to have a family.”  She also said her experience with Planned Parenthood allowed her to become a “voice for others.”

The WANNA wants to know what you think! 

If you were famous, would you publicly support Planned Parenthood?  Comment below! 

You can read Perry's entire post below. 

It's time to turn words into action❗️There are so many steps to take, but my first vow is to support organizations that may have their funding support taken from them in the future by the government. I am making a public donation to Planned Parenthood for the teenage me who made several visits to first a clinic in Santa Barbara and then Los Angeles, CA to educate myself on my sexual health, a subject I had little to no information on because of my sheltered upbringing. I had no idea how things worked down there, and had no idea how to make a plan for them. Planned Parenthood educated me on my body and my reproductive health, so that I could focus on my dreams and using my voice until I knew the timing was right for me to make a plan to have a family. Since then, I have been able to focus wholeheartedly on bringing messages of strength and becoming a voice for others. Without this education, I may have had a different life path. That is just my experience, but I know Planned Parenthood's broader range of services can sometimes be the only medical support low-income families ever see. I know what it's like to need help. I came from a lower- to middle-class family and never grew up with the option of health insurance. I remember having 13 cavities as a teenager, and the best option my parents could come up with was to try and take me to Mexico because we couldn't afford anything in California. I am grateful for and stand in support of Planned Parenthood for giving Katheryn Hudson the knowledge to plan, and for continuing to be a haven for women to learn all options for their future. Now, more than ever, we all need to protect and create safe places for each other. I hope I can help inspire you to make a gift as well, and become a member and an ally. Go to: to show your support. #wewontgoback

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