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Caroline Slusarczyk

Larry French/Getty Images

Larry French/Getty Images

Jennifer Garner, a liberal-minded actress who supported Hillary Clinton in the last election, has voiced her desire to work with Donald Trump to help impoverished American children.  Garner has been a longtime early education advocate for poor children in places like the West Virginia community where she was raised.  Garner has been a board member of the Save the Children nonprofit organization for almost a decade, which has brought her to Washington, D.C. on many occasions to advocate for underprivileged rural areas.

This past weekend, Garner went to the White House to continue her efforts.  Garner has decided to put politics aside in favor of asking Trump for help, she told The Washington Post, “If he’s willing to help the poor kids who got him elected, then let’s do it.  They certainly think he’s going to.”  Garner said, “I’m looking forward to helping him make good on what they saw as promises, a mandate from him, that he was going to make their lives better.”

Garner said many politicians she has met claim they will help with childhood funding, but don’t follow through: “Everyone’s nodding and couldn’t agree more, and shaking your hand and want their picture.  But when the vote is cast, nobody’s out there screaming and yelling for poor kids.”  Garner continued, “Send me a ticket to Mar-a-Lago.  I’m ready to go down and have a steak and a good chat.  I really think it’s great, if [Trump]’s willing to help the poor kids who got him elected.”

Cliff Owen/AP

Cliff Owen/AP

Garner’s work with Save the Children includes urging Congress and state governments to “fund reading and literacy programs that include all-day kindergarten.”  Garner said, “You just wouldn’t believe the number of kids who have never heard a nursery rhyme.”

The Washington Post reported Garner’s activities in D.C. over the weekend: “The 44-year-old actress spent the weekend lobbying the town’s pillars of power to support early education for poor rural children.  She spent Friday on Capitol Hill meeting dozens of top staff members.  On Saturday, she delivered the keynote address before the annual National Governors Association winter meeting here.”  Garner also had a planned sit-down with Ivanka Trump, but it was canceled due to scheduling conflicts.  The actress looks forward to making the meeting happen sometime in the future.


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