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Caroline Slusarczyk

Father’s day is Sunday, June 16, 2019!

Time to take note and say thanks to Daddy dearest.  Give your Dad a break from picking up the tab and show him how much you appreciate him this season with one of these “INDIE” gifts!

“INDIE” is about everything that isn’t mainstream, going deep and discovering those hidden gems.

The WANNA has done all the legwork and crafted a list of online, cutting edge, innovative “INDIE” gifts, that your Dad is gonna dig!

1.  PHONE SOAP:  News flash… Your Dad is going to bed with the filthiest thing every night. NO!  Not your mom!  His phone.  Smart phones are filthy.  Think about it, we carry them everywhere.  From when we wake up, the first thing we reach for is the phone, trips to the bathroom have never been more entertaining and when we settle into bed with all the lights out, it’s the phone light that lulls us to sleep.  Admit it. You’re addicted to your phone.  Safe to say Dad is a victim too.  That’s why our first “INDIE” gift pick PHONE SOAP is a must have for Dad.  Not only will you look like a genius child, (Dad is always reminding us to wash our hands) but, PHONE SOAP actually helps by impairing bacteria’s DNA, and killing it with UV-light. No water or soap required. How sci-fi is that? Now, don’t take it from us, LORI GREINER one of the stars of the hit show, Shark Tank (ON ABC) believes in PHONE SOAP and chose to invest $300,000 into creating the product.



2. DAKOTA WATCHES:  Whether your dad is a watch enthusiast or thinks Rolex is the latest green glass cleaner, this next “INDIE” gift pick, DAKOTA WATCHES will keep him sharp and on time.  DAKOTA WATCHES don’t care about being big or diamond-encrusted. Their elegance comes from simplicity, from the beauty of wearing a watch outdoors and smelling the pines as you trek the evergreens. DAKOTA WATCHES are adventurous and timeless (see what we did there?)

RETAIL PRICE:  $75 – $97


3. GREENPAXX SNACK PACKS AND STRAWS:  Being a Father is hard work.  We get it.  Mom usually is the one who takes care of organizing all the stuff (except for those OCD dads). Our third “INDIE” gift pick, GREENPAXX SNACK PACKS AND STRAWS, will make Dad look like a hero, and may even outshine Mom in the organization side.  GREENPAXX SNACK PACKS AND STRAWS are sure to become a kids’ favorite. They can serve as popsicle makers in the summer, and as snack packs all year long.  And it’s an easy rinse and overnight dry, so they’re always clean and ready to go.  Pretty much like dad!



4. NAME 5:  So what’s the gift for the gamer Dad?  No, he’s probably not hogging your Xbox or PS4, but he is the guy who bought you your first Monopoly set.  Game night means a lot for him!  Our next “INDIE” Father’s Day pick is a new game bound to save game night forever. NAME 5 is the easy game of questions you know the answers to!  Dad can surely name one Tom Hanks movie, but can he name five before the time runs out? If he can, he’ll be your family’s biggest nerd, and greatest champion.



5. LEAFCUTTER DESIGNS COCKTAIL DICE:  After game night, comes some alone time…  And that’s when everyone likes to experiment and get creative.  Spice things up a bit. With a little refreshment.  This next “INDIE” gift pick, the LEAFCUTTER DESIGN COCKTAIL DICE will let Dad experiment with your best cocktail ingredients to create a new classic.  The cocktail dice are handcrafted, and comes with simple instructions to make mixology even more fun.  Let dad be the mix master of his own house.



6. VINNIBAG:  Sometimes you just wanna take date night on the go.  Let Dad get outta the house, away from the kids, and share a night with just him, mom, and their favorite wine.  How to take the wine to their date night under the stars?  Look, all parents do that.  It’s the reason you’re here.  With our next “INDIE” gift pick, of course. VINNIBAG, the wine bag that protects and insulates liquids and is an easy to pack, versatile travelling companion. VINNIBAG’s innovative, inflatable design was featured at the Museum of Modern Art in sunny San Francisco, and we can assure you it changes the meaning of drinking out of a bag.



7. GREAT MINDS: Dad is king of the castle.  Keeping the castle running is hard work, though.  Sometimes you just need to put your mind to something else.  Let Dad focus on GREAT MINDS puzzles.  Each one of the puzzles reflects the “great mind” who inspired it.  From Faraday and Franklin to Kepler and Edison, our seventh “INDIE” gift will boost Dad’s mind (and possibly frustrate him a bit before he feels the satisfaction of solving them)! Let dad unleash his inner Ben Franklin without risking electrocution and dressing like a dork.



8. OLLIE:   Remember how Dad broke his back to get you the latest GI Joe?  After all, he had to give up on his toys to be responsible for you.  He used to be a risk taker!  He probably gave up on his skateboarding career!  Give back to Dad by giving him a toy for grown ups.  Ugh!  No!  Not that.  A toy that can be used with his super-clean smartphone!  Developed by INDIE games studio, Sphero, OLLIE is like a real life Tony Hawk video game without the snarky skater attitude.  Our last “INDIE” pick has been highlighted in websites including MashableThe Fast Company, and even The Huffington Post. Its innovative mechanism lets you use your phone as a controller for your live action road warrior.  And yes, it really is as fun as it sounds.



Ollie Launch Video

Ya Know You Wanna!