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Caroline Slusarczyk

Leslie Nuchow

Leslie Nuchow

It's been more than a decade since Brooklyn, singer-songwriter Leslie Nuchow's first album, Tenderland was released. The talented artist put her singing career on hold, when she became a mom.  Nuchow admitted while she was on a self induced hiatus, "I never thought I would find my creative self again."  Nuchow ultimately, did turn to writing once again... Unfortunately, it took a tragic life experience for Nuchow to connect with her creative self, a decade later.  "After my mom passed away, I locked myself in a room for a week and the music just kept pouring out of me."  Ultimately, Leslie's mom passing forced her to reconnect with her creative self.  Nuchow explained to THE WANNA,  "The creative process on this album was very cathartic for me."  Working through the pain actually unleashed an emotional storm inside Nuchow, that ignited a spiritual awakening and evolved into her latest album, Balm for Gilead.  

You can experience a slice of Nuchow's spiritual journey live next week!  It will be Nuchow's first live performance in front of an audience in years.  Nuchow will hit centerstage and perform live in NYC at Joe’s PubSaturday, October 8, @ 7 PM.  Celebrate the spiritual rebirth of Nuchow with the release of her new record, Balm for Gilead.  Listen to the full album here

Purchase tickets to Nuchow live in concert here, for $15.  Joe’s Pub doors open @ 6 pm and the show starts @ 7 pm.

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